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For years, Frederik has been an active professional triathlete, both in the short distance and long distance disciplines. With FVL Coaching, budding triathletes as well as more experienced sportsmen, can directly benefit from Frederik's knowledge and experience, built up over the years.

His experience goes beyond his own sports career. As a coach, Frederik was able to help several athletes realize their dream, from finishing a first triathlon to the ultimate goal: qualifying for the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Frederik's coaching program was named 'Structure', referring to a key principle in his approach to coaching. Bringing structure to a training schedule contributes to keeping that all important right balance between work and private time. Hence, training is done in a way that the athlete can really stick by, without losing sight of the planned outcome.

  • Ironman World Champion 2013 in Kona (Hawaii)
  • 18 year professional triathlon career
  • 2007 European Champion 1/2 triathlon
  • 9 Ironman victories incl. 5x Ironman France Nice
  • 16 Ironman podiums
  • Coaching triathletes since 2010

How it works?

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    Get in touch

    Send Frederik a message to let him know you are interested in getting coached by him.

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    Intake conversation

    During the intake conversation (online if necessary), we will go over your concrete experience with triathlon and sports in general.

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    Start training

    Start receiving your first training program by Frederik via the Coachbox platform.

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    Lactate testing

    Lactate tests are an ideal way to determine the training zones in your training plan. Frederik highly recommends to do some lactate testing in the early stages of the coaching.

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    The feedback flows in two ways: from yourself being the athlete to your coach, and vice versa. This is why Frederik works with the Coachbox platform.

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    Reach your goals

    Start well prepared for your next big race and smash your personal best.


The monthly coaching fee is 100€ + 21% tax.

Inclusive the use of the Coachbox platform, exclusive lactate testing by fellow Luc Van Lierde. You'll receive an invoice in the first days of each new month. You can pay by bank transfer.

  • Clearly agreed cost, no hassle afterwards.
  • Inclusive the use of the Coachbox
  • Exclusive lactate testing

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